Featured Artists

Dane Fine Art is an art gallery in Philadelphia with a stellar global reputation. We are in the business of featuring and selling the works of new and established artists, and we are honored to have a collection of art that includes the work of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Louis Icart, Alexander Calder, Renoir, Salvador Dali, and many more.

We come into contact with amazing artists every day, and we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to meet some of our favorites. Our Featured Artist page will pull back the curtain a bit and enlighten visitors with more information on the mind behind the work.

You will learn about the artist and discover when they first realized they wanted to become an artist, who or what inspires them when they create, the path they took to becoming an artist, and much more. It is not only a unique opportunity to learn about the artist, but a chance for young artists to see how others have forged their way into the art community.

The works of our Featured Artists may be available to view at our gallery, up for bid in an upcoming auction, or both. Learn more about the latest Featured Artist below.

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