Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn – Born: 1922 – Portland, Oregon and died 1993. Richards family encouraged him to pursue his love for art at an early age. He began drawing early on and in 1940 he applied to Stanford University, where he studied oil painting with Victor Arnautoff and Daniel Mendelowitz. Then, in 1946 he met David Park and Elmer Bischoff while studying at the California School of Fine Art. In the 40’s Diebenkorn followed the style of Abstract Expressionism after finding inspiration from the likes of Robert Motherwell, Bradley Tomlin Walker, and William Baziotes. Later, Diebenkorn dropped his abstract style for a more alternative approach and something he is well known for, the Bay-Area figurative. Later in life he began to switch styles, going from the more abstract to figurative and back, or utilizing different planes of color inspired by seeing Matisses. His work was always highly regarded, one of his most famous series being Ocean Park. In 1991 he earned the National Medal of Art.