Peter Max

Born: 1937 – Berlin, Germany. Much of Peter’s influence in art comes from his childhood where he found art and adventure everywhere he went. After traveling across Asia, where he grew up for some time, he visited Paris in 1953 for 6 months where he enrolled in art school. After his visit to Paris he emigrated to America where he would attend The Art Students League after high-school. Here he would discover the disciplines of Realism and would later become a well renowned realist painter. After school Max found interest in commercial illustration and pop art, fields in which he would win awards by adding his own personal style. Then in the 60’s he found great inspiration in the likes of Bert Stern, Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn, leading to his “cosmic 60’s” style, a type of art that would become his signature. Max’s signature style garnered him much attention, landing him on the cover of Life Magazine, national television, and he would be praised to have a visual impact on the time period compared to the likes of The Beatles.