Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero – Born: 1932 – Medellin, Columbia. As a young boy Botero had held a profound interest in art. He was sent to a school for matadors where he found inspiration and created his first piece, a watercolor painting of a matador. After completing high school he moved away from home for at time to explore the great art capitals of Europe including Madrid, Paris, and Florence. Amongst his early works are still life paintings with the added twist of his own style, adding inflated figures and distorted details. He would become famous for his round female figure paintings and sculptures after the turning point of his career, when Dorothy Miller, then curator of museum collections at The Museum of Modern Art in New York bought his Mona Lisa, Age Tvelve. Within his work, it is evident that he draws inspiration from the expressionism style. After years of painting he began to create three dimensional sculptures with an influence from Giotto and other Italian masters.